Kevin Goldsmith

With thirty years of industry experience, Kevin Goldsmith has been a leader of technology teams in the world's largest technology companies as well as in angel and seed-stage startups. He has twenty years of experience building products with Agile methodologies and has used Lean techniques to help take Adobe Revel from zero to six million subscribers and Spotify from ten million monthly active users to over one hundred million. He has helped countless companies of all sizes in multiple industries build more sustainable cultures and practices and he can help you and your team as well.



Kevin helps leaders and leadership teams with:
  • Agile/Lean Product Development
  • Scaling Agile Organizations
  • Software Architecture
  • Mentoring Senior Leaders

Kevin has consulted with leadership teams in small, mid-sized and enterprise companies in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.



Kevin is a sought-after international keynote speaker who has informed, entertained and inspired tens of thousands of leaders and developers at conferences and companies around the world. In addition to dozens of conferences, he has spoken at organizations such as Adobe, The BBC,, ThinkMoney, Embriq, Pfizer, Philips, de Bijenkorf, ING, UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Automattic, Wooga, Bonnier, Starbucks, Zillow, Geocaching and Compare the Market.



As a thought leader in building agile and lean technology organizations, Kevin has contributed articles to numerous publications including Techwell, Lead Dev, Better Programming, Agile & Change, Nobody Likes Angry, Honeypot, Educative, Popforms as well as company publications for Adobe, Spotify and Avvo. He contributed to both the early editions of the Open GL Programming Guide, The Inventor Mentor and Scaling Teams. He has contributed introductions or blurbs to books by Britt Andreatta, Esther Derby, and Dan Meador.

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